Strategy #8's Cons:

Very Poor Infantry Longevity and Time-Consuming

Because the dominant action within this method is commenting on trending posts, similar to what I covered in the King/Infantry - Commenting Strategy, you’ll find your Infantry getting blocked and dying rather quickly after a certain amount of actions. It’s a hot button action for the algorithm to latch on to and thus, accounts don’t last very long. You can prolong your Infantry’s lifespan by employing spintax extensively but sooner or later, they will inevitably fall.

The biggest issue is that you can’t really cut on costs with this strategy like we can for Mass DMs or Mass Mentions. The accounts need to be relatively strong in order to safely weather the trust score decrease that comes with the rebranding process described in the Mass Editing section of the docs. That means you’ll have to be sacrificing prime, expensive, customized Infantry accounts on a pretty regular occurrence in order to run this strategy long-term.

That ultimately does make this method quite expensive to run but also time consuming as not only will you need to be replacing expensive accounts consistently, you’ll also need to spend a good bit of time customizing each batch of them to fit the starting sequence of your maze.

Poor Targeting if Niche is Too Obscure

As I’ve mentioned previously, the commenting interaction will likely only perform well if you’re targeting a common interest like music, fitness, memes, cars, etc. If you were to run this strategy for say, a chiropractic business themed page, you will likely struggle immensely drumming up interest for it in the comments. You’ll probably need to use your 1st sequence infantry account to follow or like stories of your sourced targets instead but unfortunately, I just don’t foresee it to derive the same degree of success as the original variant. I reckon most targets acquired in such a fashion won’t make it to the King because: 1. Unlike the users sourced through comments, they have little high-intent to spend the next 10 minutes completing a random quiz and 2. Are likely to just get confused as to what to even do and won’t bother looking further into it.

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