Strategy #1's Cons:

High likelihood of harming your King

The reason why many advanced automation practitioners have abandoned this method long ago is because this method has become increasingly more dangerous to execute. There is virtually no dissociation here. Every automated action puts your account at risk to the omniscient algorithm. If your account already has some semblance of a following, you’re putting a lot on the line by choosing to run this strategy. The risk/reward ratio is not particularly favorable, at least not anymore.

If your account doesn’t get permanently disabled, you’ll likely receive shadow bans or a whole lot of other potential penalties that could handicap your growth in the long-term. Remember, we don’t want to rely on automation for growth till the end of days. We simply use it to jump start the growth of a new page and ensure that the content we’re posting actually gets seen. The goal is to eventually grow organically, once the initial audience has been amassed. By running this strategy, you risk never having the opportunity to reach that stage. Once your King has been flagged, the chances of the algorithm featuring you on the explore page dwindle into nothingness. You’ll always have to depend on automation to garner any new eyeballs.

There are many service providers out there who guarantee your account’s safety while executing this strategy. They claim to have the “safest” settings that remove any possibility of your account getting flagged. Perhaps they have, in fact, found the holy grail of settings and proxies that’s enabled them to keep it up for this long but I can say with certainty that so long as you’re running this method, your account will never be 100% safe. Certain service providers still execute this strategy by hand with a literal army of Filipino virtual assistants being paid $1 an hour to follow a bunch of randoms. This is indeed safer than running this strategy via automation but you’re ultimately still just limited to a max reach of 200 users per day and the users that do convert don’t actually have that strong of an interest in your content or offerings in the first place. They’re just following you because you followed them.

This issue may cause your engagement to drop pretty drastically due to a lot of “dead” followers which will make it difficult for you to grow the King account organically in the future. This is only really an issue for people whose endmost objective is to acquire an audience and grow their accounts. If you’re running this strategy for the purpose of traffic generation, there are far better alternative methods for doing so that don’t carry as much risk as follow/unfollow does.

It is not scalable

As I covered in the previous segment, every account has a limit as to how many actions it can perform within a certain span of time, contingent upon its set of existential and behavioral factors. If you’re only utilizing a singular King account to promote your content, your growth is capped at whatever its limit is. Go beyond the limit and you’ll experience some unwanted side effects, courtesy of the algorithm.

Hence, there is no scalability to this strategy. You’ll simply have to make do with consistent gains over a prolonged period of time, with consistency being a big “if” given the risks involved.

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