Strategy #7: Mass Direct Messaging (Mass DMs)

This is a strategy that gained a lot of popularity/notoriety within the last few years. Practically everyone that uses Instagram actively has likely received a DM request from a fake-looking profile, promoting some other page. Or maybe they were the target of bots who create group chats with a bunch of other random users and send their links into the chat.

This is a method I am very familiar with and have used extensively during its prime years, even going as far as to releasing a tool (i.e. the old version of InstaInfantry) made specifically for that purpose in mind. It’s a highly effective strategy for lead generation and it requires almost no prep-time to set up and execute. Very churn-and-burn in nature, making it very effective to offer as a service provider.

The execution of this strategy revolves around the use of low-bloat, API-based software with little to no limits on it and extremely cheap, mass-generated accounts that’ll serve as our infantry. Mass DMs is such a high-risk strategy that using infantry accounts that we’d use for the likes of IICA or Pyramid would break the bank to a ridiculous degree. Instead, the accounts we use for this strategy are basically throwaways whose lifespan hardly ever exceeds 72 hours. These accounts are destined to die regardless and we only really need them to last long enough to send out messages. We do not care about their longevity, we do not care about their trust scores and we do not care about their warmups. We simply import them into the tool and attempt to get as many DMs out of them as possible (approximately 40 DMs per account) before they kick the figurative bucket.

The reason we don’t care about account longevity is because sending out unsolicited DMs is a very-high risk action and thus, makes it illogical to spend any amount of time or resources on buying/warming accounts with decent existential variables. The accounts we use for Mass DMing have horrible existential variables but that actually makes them perfect for a strategy like Mass DMs or Mass Mentions because of how cheap we can acquire them for (the cheapest costing us only $0.02 a piece). I used to generate these cheap accounts myself at an even lower rate but upon discontinuing the offering of my more “spammy” strategies as Done-For-You services, it became easier to just buy whenever I needed to run a demo as part of my Mass DM Infrastructure Package.

I really don’t think it’s necessary to explain the follower trajectory behind this method as it’s pretty self-explanatory. You program thousands of accounts to send out messages to your group of targets over a specified period of time, typically within hours. In the message, you attempt to entice them with a description of the King/service/product along with either a media attachment of a profile or post. If done effectively, it is capable of bringing massive amounts of leads within just minutes of mobilizing.

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