Strategy #7's Cons:

Very Poor Infantry Longevity

In a similar vein as Mass Mentions, the Mass DM strategy has horrible account longevity by design. Accounts die VERY fast when used to spam messages to people they had no previous interaction with, regardless of how strong they may be.

It also doesn’t help that unlike InstaInfantry Pyramid or IICA, the messages we send to targets via this strategy go into their requests folder as opposed to their general inbox. That means unless your target is actively checking their requests folder, they may not ever see your message. That’s sort of why the funnel isn’t as streamlined as some other strategies as the notifications derived from other interactions are generally more likely to get noticed in comparison to DM requests.

To combat the insane death rate, this strategy utilizes accounts of a much lower quality. These accounts are typically fresh, made via an API script and cost as little as $0.02 a piece. Their lifespan hardly ever exceeds 72 hours, even if they remain dormant with no activity. It’s still quite cheap to execute but the fact that one must burn through thousands of these every day to complete a singular, decently-sized operation makes it one of the more expensive methods in this guide with few options available for cost optimization.

Poor Bot Dissociation

Unlike other strategies that generate traffic in a more “organic” fashion like IICA or Pyramid, Mass DMs are similar to Mass Mentions in the sense that the average Instagram user will easily be able to discern them as bots. The infantry accounts doing the messaging will only have a profile pic on them and 0 other posts, sending what are likely to be long ass messages with salesy-sounding CTAs trying to funnel you to another account or link. You’d have to be pretty dumb to really question if this is a real user or not.

That’s why you really need to optimize your message text as best you can so your average-IQ targets are compelled to convert in spite of the apparent spamminess of your marketing methods.

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