Strategy #6's Cons:

Poor Bot Dissociation/Low Versatility

This one is pretty obvious in this case. Most users who are to be tagged by your infantry will easily figure out they are caught amidst a botting operation. Envision yourself as one of them. You see you’ve been tagged by a profile you’ve never interacted with before. Upon further inspection, you’ll see you’re just one of seven seemingly random users you have no connection to who’ve also been tagged within the same comment. Then you see there are dozens of comments like that on the exact same post. Not a single word written in any of em, just tags of randomly selected users.

It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to decipher the glaringly blatant botting campaign taking place here and it also doesn’t take a rocket scientist to trace it all back to your King. Most of them will simply disregard your content and assume that you’re peddling some sort of scam that they don’t want any part of. Like I mentioned previously, this issue is mitigated if you’re using this strategy to promote something like a giveaway or a loop but for other use cases, this lack of plausible deniability will impair your conversion rates.

Very Poor Infantry Longevity

Similar to the previous strategy’s con, this method has an even worse infantry longevity due to being infinitely more spammy. It’s basically on the same level as the Mass DMs strategy when it comes to how horrendously short the lifespan is of any infantry accounts that’s running this method. There’s no point in using expensive, aged accounts or warming them because they are ultimately destined to die regardless within a matter of days when running this strat.

That’s largely why we use a completely different type of accounts and software to execute it as using the new version of InstaInfantry and aged, pre-warmed infantry accounts will cost you an arm and a leg to run, even at the smallest quantities of mentions. I’ll be covering the execution of this strategy more in-depth in the Mass DM strategy write-up as they are basically identical when it comes to mechanical implementation.

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