Strategy #5: King/Infantry - Comments

The King/Infantry - Comments method is another variant of the previous strategy but with comments being the critical action rather than DMs or story tags. The same ideology behind Pyramid strategy still applies here. You do not need custom accounts to execute this strategy and no automated activity is to be performed via the main account, only via infantry.

This particular variant is actually just as simplistic as our very first strategy. The trajectory one has to go through to make it to your King is not overwhelmingly long and there are much fewer clauses to be met in comparison to the last one.

Here is an outline of how the funnel trajectory unveils with this methodology:

  1. Infantry leaves a comment featuring your King on a trending post, found via explore or on a heavily followed target page

  2. Users see your comment and make a decision whether or not to click on the tagged profile

  3. Upon clicking on the profile and browsing through their content, user makes the final decision of whether to convert or not

As you can see, there are only three distinct junctures a target must go through with this strategy, solidifying its spot amongst the simplest of variants within the King/Infantry genus. Again, it is beyond imperative that you utilize spintax extensively when executing this method (revisit the DMs, Message Customization, and Managing DMs with Chatters section if you need a refresher on spintax) as your comments will eventually be getting hidden from the public’s eye if you’re commenting the same text over and over.

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