Reaching Equilibrium

Now that we’ve covered all the variables, there’s one recurring theme that I’ve continuously referenced throughout this Fundamentals chapter but never fully addressed. That is the so-called equilibrium. The place we all strive to get to when running these operations. The optimal risk and reward ratio or in our case, efficient growth and limited penalties.

It is almost a given that you will spend a lot of time getting to it. I don’t have any explicitly useful information for reaching it as it will be extremely different for each person depending on the method or strategy they are utilizing. The one piece of advice that I do have is to continuously test and optimize your combinations of variables. And when you do, never forget one of the integral tenets of the scientific method: only test one variable at a time. Do your utmost best to control for certain variables by generating batches of accounts with similar existential characteristics and experimenting with each one individually before concluding what the optimal state for that variable is. Keep meticulous records of the results and you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches later down the road.

Now that we have a decent understanding of the fundamentals of black hat automation, let’s start covering how you can implement this knowledge in your use of InstaInfantry.

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