Mass Actions

Now that we’ve covered the basics of story reactions, let’s cover the remaining functions that fall under the Mass Actions tab. This feature is pretty self-explanatory in its title. It includes all of the basic traffic generation actions a user can do to draw attention from their target accounts. That includes liking posts, liking comments on specific posts, follows, unfollows, sending DMs (which we’ll cover in a later section) and more.

When enabling each feature, you’ll need to specify the number of users that your Infantry accounts must interact with via the particular action. Let’s take “Follow” for example. The default setting is 50 follows per day, but you can set it to whatever quantity you feel is right for your purposes. Around 200 follows per day is considered to be safe for pre-warmed accounts with some semblance of history such as the ones purchased from the GHM Sellix Shop. You can play around with these limits to try to find a sweet spot for your infantry accounts but be careful. Getting “Throttled” i.e. action blocked too frequently can result in a suspension. A couple of times here and there is oftentimes not catastrophic but continuous action blocks will ultimately lead to a ban so be mindful when experimenting with the higher limits.

If you wanna go in the archaic direction with your traffic generation and do some basic follow/unfollow, you can enable when your Infantry accounts will automatically start unfollowing users using the “Unfollow” feature. The default value for this setting is 7,500 followed users, but you can raise it up to about 10k if need be.

The same logic applies to all of the other actions found beneath the Mass Actions tab. As with any action done through Instainfantry, the rate at which you set your Infantry accounts to execute said action is important and will always have tradeoffs depending on your risk tolerance. Being super safe may keep you under the radar for longer periods of time, but it also limits how often you can interact with target users, thus limiting how much traffic you can drive toward your final destinations. On the other hand, assigning highly risky limits to these settings enables you to generate exponentially more traffic but at the expense of your accounts getting flagged, action-blocked, and even banned. Make sure you don’t jump into the high values too quickly, but also don’t be too safe to the point where you generate zero traffic. Find an equilibrium and stick to it.

I personally do not recommend using anything other than story reactions to generate traffic these days due to the degree of vigilance and limits beset upon traditional actions such as follows or likes. However, they are still there just in case your desired strategy requires them being employed.

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