Device used to OPERATE an account

Here, the device becomes heavily intertwined with the proxy variable as the amalgamation of your OS, user-agent and cookies all come into play to determine the degree of credence the algorithm views you with. When running a massive operation, you’d want to program your bots to emulate different combinations of said variables to avoid having a link drawn between them. When you’re Adding Accounts into InstaInfantry, it will automatically assign a completely randomized user agent depending on the sort of device you select: iOS or Android. Keeping them diverse is crucial to maintaining a long-term botting operation without racking up the expenditure column by relentlessly replacing accounts.

I personally prefer to stick to android since my accounts already have an association to android as their existential variable but you are welcome to switch. This variable has an almost negligible impact on your account longevity so don’t concern yourself too much with what to choose.

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