Chapter 6: Final Words

That just about brings us to a close of the InstaInfanry docs. I hope that the majority of you are now armed with a sufficient amount of knowledge to really plunge deep into the world of Instagram growth hacking and automation.

As I repeatedly advertised throughout the guide, if you need any botting essentials such as accounts or proxies or want to purchase a one-time license for InstaInfantry as opposed to a recurring Stripe subscription, you are welcome to do so through the GHM Shop. In the event you want to test out some of the Botting Strategies I covered in this guide but do not have the time to learn/operate the tool, you can purchase them as Done-For-You services from the GHM Shop as well.

I have done my best to cover all of the potential issues that you may encounter throughout your automation journey but I obviously cannot predict or foresee everything that may occur with your use of InstaInfantry. If you’re setting out on this venture, you will need to have a self-sufficient mentality and prepare yourself for a steep learning curve when running just about any strategy.

Please note that at this time, I am only going to be offering tech support for clients purchasing packages of 100 account slots or more. As much as I’d love to help everyone, I just do not have the time to assist every Starter package client with every small issue that occurs throughout the entire month their license is active. That would warrant an even greater time investment on my part than simply just managing everything for you as DFY Service, for which I charge a premium. So please forgive me ahead of time if you end up messaging me for tech support queries and I ignore your message or respond with a curt/not-particularly-helpful answer linking back to the docs. I want to keep InstaInfantry accessible to users with smaller budgets and thus, will need to enforce this rule thoroughly.

My one final word of advice and what I believe to be of the utmost importance when building your own botting operations is to continuously test, optimize and refine. Adopting a methodical approach towards your journey of automating Instagram is the singular most important thing you can do to be successful. And never forget the scientific principle of testing one variable at a time. Even if you get lucky and uncover the secret sauce right away, you’ll struggle recreating it in the future if you have no idea what the key ingredient behind it was. Therefore, I advise you to always remain vigilant and not rush the process.

Otherwise, I wanna thank the rest of you guys for reading till the end. I’ve put well over 250 hours into writing these docs and I hope that you’ve gained some valuable knowledge out of it. I appreciate any and all feedback so feel free to contact me and let me know your thoughts. I plan to update this guide consistently and will be releasing an extended version of it soon in the GHM Shop. If you have any queries or concerns or would like to follow the future development of InstaInfantry, please find the relevant links and contact information listed below. Wishing you the utmost success on your IG growth hacking journey!

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-Grey Hat Nik.

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