The Cloning / Reposting

Reposting and Caption Customization

The Cloning / Reposting feature is a useful tool that allows you to automatically repost content from other Instagram accounts. This can be a great way to save time, generate new content, and reach a wider audience. To use this feature, simply indicate which pages you want to repost from and specify the settings for your Infantry accounts. You can choose to repost any post, posts with photos only, or posts with videos only. You can also specify how many posts to repost per day and what times of day to repost. To avoid being flagged for spam, it is important to repost only a few times per day. You should also choose pages that repost high-quality content that is relevant to the target audiences of your Infantry accounts.

You can also use the Cloning / Reposting feature to automatically add a caption or first comment to each of your reposts. Adding a caption is an effective way to add personality to your posts, and adding a first comment is a useful way to add hashtags or to promote other content. To add an automated caption or first comment, simply enter the text of your comment into the appropriate fields in the Cloning / Reposting settings. You can also utilize spintax to customize your comments and make them more unique.

The Cloning / Reposting feature also includes a variety of filtration and blacklist features. These features allow you to skip posts with certain words or symbols, or from certain users. This is useful for avoiding posts that are not relevant to your brand or that may be offensive or inappropriate. For example, you could blacklist the name of your competitor and any inappropriate names to prevent your Infantry accounts from reposting any posts that mention those words. You could also blacklist specific users who post content that your audience may not like.

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