Source Discovery - OnlyFans

Now with OnlyFans, targeting tends to be a little less straightforward than how it is with music. A lot of people would think, “just find profiles belonging to other hot OF models and you’re good” but there’s actually a lot more dynamic variables at play in this niche besides just general attractiveness. Matter of fact, I’ve seen some clients in the OF niche use sources that were completely out of pocket in my mind but actually derived remarkably good results such as beer brands, sex toy shops or DnD/Magic the Gathering groups/shops.

You can afford to be really creative with your audience selection when working in this niche. However, when I deliver traffic to OF models/agencies as a service in the GHM Shop, I generally do recommend most of them to just stick to other OF models as their target audience sources. Sticking to conventional methods will always bring moderately good results but finding those untapped, unorthodox sources is where the risk to reward ratio becomes significantly higher and can make a campaign either outlandishly successful or an utter failure.

When it comes to finding other OF models to use as your target sources, there are several “criteria” within that niche that you need to keep in mind and each one of them will have a slightly different conversion rate associated with them. In the context of OF, a sub-niche is essentially a specific selling point or feature that a model chooses to focus on. The most common criterions consist of race, physical attributes and sub-niche/fetish.

For example, if you are a latina model and you find that the vast majority of your existing audience are mainly there for the fact that you are a latina, then it would make sense to target other latina creators as your target audience sources. The same applies to asian creators, black creators, white creators, etc. As weird and slightly racist as it may sound, my experience working in the OF niche has proven that race tends to be a relatively strong deciding factor in the conversion rate of any given model’s audience. Not endorsing it in any way, just stating what I saw. As the saying goes, “don’t shoot the messenger”.

Next is physical attributes. This feature can take shape (pun intended) in a lot of different forms. If you are a petite model and believe that that’s your primary selling point, then perhaps finding other petite models is your best bet. The same is applicable to creators that are more busty in appearance or in a different twist, are on the older side (i.e. MILFs). One could also argue tattoos/piercings for this section, however, I believe that those particular attributes are more suitable for the following “selling point” we’ll be covering which is:

Sub-Niches/Fetishes. This one is a little difficult to pin down as there are many potential “selling points” that can arguably be categorized as a sub-niche or fetish. The most prominent examples of an OF sub-niche are goth girls, dominatrixes, cosplayers, e-girls or anime/weaboo-focused creators. That’s partially why I chose to classify certain physical attributes such as tattoos/piercings into this category as it’s more an expression of a model’s personality/interests as opposed to a physical attribute of sorts.

All of these aforementioned selling points tend to work great as targeting options. However, using a specific sub-niche as your primary targeting criterion has a propensity to deliver the highest conversion rates in my experience. I speculate it’s because target users scraped from specific sub-niche sources tend to feel a greater connection with those models. Whether it be some sort of anime fandom proclivity or a goth-like subculture, I reckon it helps foster a stronger feeling of interrelatedness than you’d get with just any generic hot girl and thus, makes it easier to establish a parasocial relationship.

Again, not every OF model will fall under a well-defined niche so don’t wreck your brain trying to find something that isn’t there. Targeting by race and physical attributes still works well for most OF creators so if you can somehow find models that share your characteristics across both race and physical attributes, the results can be just as good as targeting by sub-niche.

Now that we’ve established what sort of models to look for, let’s talk about where to actually find them. Obviously Instagram is our first choice but finding the right ones can sometimes be a little difficult. Hashtags are usually the best option for finding relevant content. Just come up with a variety of keywords that other models within your sub-niche/criterion are likely to use in their posts/reels and you should be able to find quite a few that way.

I’ve discovered that once you secure the first few models you believe to fit your needs, if you go through their followings, you’ll likely be able to spot other models that fit a similar archetype. A lot of the more prominent/established ones do frequent collabs with one another so they or their managers/agencies already did the groundwork of establishing whose audiences will be most receptive to them. Use that to your advantage to expedite the source discovery process.

For some of the more sub-niche related ones, I’ve had decent results finding models to target by using Reddit. There’s probably a dozen or so NSFW subs dedicated to literally every sub-niche, fetish or OF subculture you can think of. Just find the largest one and start scrolling through submissions until you find what you like. Click on the Reddit profile and see if they have their IG linked in their bio. If not, do some further research using tools like FansMetrics or OnlySearch and see if you can find it. There’s likely to be hundreds if not thousands of unique models in each of those niche-specific subreddits so you definitely won’t be hard pressed to find at least a couple that you like.

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