Strategy #3's Cons:

Necessitates a sizeable time and money investment

Due to the amount of time it takes to generate and warm the accounts, it becomes a real issue of getting these accounts up and ready. Between the decrease in trust score that comes with rebranding accounts as mentioned in the Branding Accounts chapter and the general warm up routine every infantry account has to undergo, it takes a while to get everything up and moving optimally. That’s mainly why I only really offer the InstaInfantry Custom Accounts Done-For-You Service for 100 accounts and up due to the amount of preliminary legwork involved.

Not very flexible

Again, because of how long it takes to get everything up and running, unlike the InstaInfantry Pyramid strategy, we can’t really scale the volume up and down at will with this method. Unless you’re making a large surplus of custom infantry accounts to be used as replacements or scaling up, it’s just not feasible. When I run this strategy as a service for clients, the minimum service duration time is about 37 days (excluding account creation) in comparison to the 7 - 10 days it takes to execute InstaInfantry Pyramid orders.

If you’re planning on executing this strategy on behalf of others as a service provider, getting this operation up and running with minimal costs requires a lot of behind-the-scenes work prior to even starting the process of generating traffic. Which, when you’re onboarding a new client, makes many of them uncomfortable. Nobody likes having to wait up to several weeks to see a semblance of results, especially if they’ve already paid exorbitant fees. But alternatively, if you don’t put in the initial leg-work of properly sourcing for/generating the accounts, re-branding them and going through the many warm-up stages necessary to attain a longer Infantry lifespan, your profit margins will get eaten up super fast as well as the time you invest having to restock and rebrand accounts on a regular basis. That’s partially why this method isn’t very re-seller friendly in comparison to InstaInfantry Pyramid.

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