Strategy #5's Verdict: 🔴

Overall, the cost to benefit analysis is just far too unfavorable for me to recommend this strategy to anyone. You’re almost guaranteed to burn through a lot of money having to constantly restock your infantry and the web-version of InstaInfantry is generally just not good for the more “spammy” types of strategies. Wasting your limited amount of slots executing a max of 10 - 20 comments per day per account just doesn’t net a good result considering how resource-expensive it is to automate accounts the “right” way. The old version of InstaInfantry sold in the Mass DM Infrastructure Package is better suited for executing this strategy due to zero account limits but if you’re gonna be throwing your infantry into the wind like that, you might as well just run the Mass DM strategy instead.

In summary, I’d stay clear of this one unless you have a solid plan in place with regards to sourcing your target pages and actually enticing their viewers enough to check out your King’s content. Anything less than that is just gonna burn a hole in your wallet and be a massive waste of time. I don’t offer this strategy as a Done-For-You service and don’t have any intentions to in the foreseeable future.

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